I’m a whiteboard elitist

I’m a whiteboard elitist. I do not consider any surface other than porcelain-on-steel to even be a whiteboard. I will not suffer dried-out dry erase markers in the room, or even half-dry ones. I toss them in the trash, with gusto. Melamine or showerboard fall into the category of cheap tools when used for marking. Whiteboards are dynamic, never static. Everything written on a whiteboard is considered volatile and subject to change or erasure at any time. If you want to save it, take a picture of it. “Save” magnets are devilspawn. Taping things to whiteboards is the moral equivalent of neck tattoos.

I believe that the most expensive thing in the workshop is cheap tools. Whiteboards are tools for thinking, and scrimping on whiteboards is ultimately self-destructive. Thinking is the most important thing we do, and we should have the best tools for doing it.

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